Fabulous article, Dr. Joe. Excellent. The rise of evangelical Christians to a level of political power that they control Congress and many of its committees, Senate appointment of judges and justices to advance Christian nationalist agenda, is impossible to ignore. The death of liberal ecumenical Christianity equates to the death of liberal democracy. A decided minority now contemplates withdrawal from our federal union (Marjorie Taylor Greene), banning books that don't support their cherished narratives (Gov Desantis), banning professional care of pregnant women with medical complications, the elimination of social security, medicare and more. None of this is theoretical anymore.

In today's Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin wrote an opinion article entitled, "Why white Christian nationalists are in such a panic." She identifies Christian nationalists as MAGA. It may be more complicated than that. White Christian numbers are in decline along with the economic privileges long accorded white Christian males. No longer is the leveling of white privilege a thing of the future for white Christian nationalist. MAGA is intent on dismantling social progressive institutions, law and programs.

In the meanwhile, Blue States continue to embrace diversity of every stripe and oppose trickle down economics led buy the 1-2% and corporate economic interests. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kate Porter and many others call out this social and economic dynamic as they inveigh for social and economic justice.

The culture wars are on. The lines are drawn. It is kinetic. Who is on which side is clear and it is rattling the foundations and institutions of our democracy. It might be best if we recognize the existential threat liberal democracy has for white Christian nationalist and address their fears and needs rather than moralize about their wrong-headedness. Heated rhetoric will not assuage their wounds. A search for a middle-way between right and wrong, black and white should be in order.

How a coming together is to be accomplished when the exchange of invectives is red hot I can't say. Biden is giving a go at it while both sides mock him. Obama got pancaked by the radical Right and Trump was embraced as an answer to Christian nationalist complaints. All that said, we must put our best minds and intentions toward civil discourse and workable solutions. My hunch is that addressing the enormous inequities of wealth distribution is a starter. Finding common ground among the warring 98-99% for example. White Christian nationalist have a stake in this larger battle with oligarchy as does everyone else. In this we might find common cause. Best if we work toward peace and make war no more.

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Thanks, Joe for this analysis of a complex issue.

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Well said, Joe. I wonder if you’d agree that the lack of critical thinking among the MAGA crowd is frequently the result of Evangelical teaching that replaces thought with faith and Biblical literalism.

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